President’s Message

Sep 08, 2023

President’s Message

It is my pleasure to extend greetings on behalf of myself and your Executive. By the time this message is read, we will, unfortunately, be nearing the midpoint of summer. Hopefully, you have had a

pleasurable one to date! Personally, my wife and I enjoy spending time at our trailer, visiting with

family and friends and traveling. If I can get in some paddling time on the water, I am a content


For those of you who don’t know me, I am St. Thomas born and I taught my whole career at Sparta P.S. I have been a happy retiree (Is there any other?) since June, 2015. I have the privilege to

volunteer on a talented Executive, where there is an abundance of experience serving our members.

Please look over the upcoming events the Executive has curated for your enjoyment. We would love

to see you in attendance at one or more of them.

Having just attended the Super Seniors Strawberry Social for members 80+, I can attest to the power of social interactions. It was so much fun connecting/reconnecting with this wonderful group of

individuals. The CASO Station was certainly alive with many meaningful conversations, and who knew

the great voices we have as we joined in song with Gerard Charette!

Have you ever wondered about the age breakdown for our membership? Having just turned 60, age has been on my mind lately. But it’s just a number, right? So here are some local numbers:

Ages 0-54- 7 members; 55-59- 35 members; 60-64- 70 members; 65-69- 74 members; 70-74- 145

members; 75-79- 149 members; 80-84- 98 members; 85-89-43 members; 90-94-16 members;

95-99- 8 members; 100+ -2 members.

Knowing this information, it’s important that we continue to attract new members to our District. Please spread the word to current educational employees and retirees, that District 41 has a lot to offer!


Scott Shakir